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if our lives are already set in stone, they why are we even born?

if everything is caused by fate, then god must be incredibly unfair and cruel.


( - u -)/ ✫✫✫

“✡✫✡✫✡✫✡✫✡✫✡✫✡” by くにか



■ by - きびこ


Penguindrum needs more moments like these. :x

Hiiii~! Welcome to Spazzfest! ^o^

This is a multi-fandom blog. All art belongs to their respective artists, as well as any gifs, soundtracks, etc. I'll be reblogging and occasionally posting anything that catches my eye.
I'm currently into:
-Shingeki no Kyojin
-Bravely Default
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Legend of Korra

Enjoy! <3


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